About InBetween by Satelliet ®

At Satelliet, we have known for almost 50 years that a hospitable and welcoming interior or terrace is highly appreciated by everyone.  This certainly applies to the current situation, social distancing is of paramount importance,  a hospitable interior has acquired an adapted meaning, namely: safe and protective. This is a change we cannot ignore and which we must adapt to, we are passionate about this and happy to help our customers with that.

Even when the lockdown restrictions are relaxed and the hospitality market opens their doors for business again, we must all remain alert and minimize the risk of contamination. We do this for guests, employees and for ourselves, at the same time, understand that the business needs to safely maximize  occupancy and revenue. We always try to inspire our customers with creativity and effectiveness which has led us to the development of an intermediate screen. In our opinion, the following principles were essential: practical, easy to move, cost effective, value for money, attractive design and a fast delivery time.

This led to a new product range, InBetween by Satelliet ®

The InBetween products have been developed to offer you as an operator or business owner a smart solution for  hospitality in this new reality. The products are applicable in every conceivable situation where security and the feeling of protection are required.



Satelliet - Stay strong

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